Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cofacial Polymers

  • Cofacial polymers are Metallophthalocyanine polymers ([M(Pc)O]n) where M=Si,Ge or Sn then Pc=Phthalocyanine, Silicon (germanium) oxo hemiporphyrazine polymers([M(hp)O]n).
  • The solubility of the lewis acid complexes of metallophthalocyanines and pi-conjugated polymers in a common organic solvent has allowed us to prepare well-defined supramolecular materials which combine the electroactive and photoactive porperties of both components. The resulting composites have excellent optical transparency and enhanced photoconductivity.
  • Major applications of these types of polymers are electrical conductors, semiconductors and materials with photoptical properties.

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